Tips Get Best Deals in Pattaya Hotels

The weather has a key role to play in the pricing of Pattaya hotels. The monsoon period, between May and October every year, is the low tourist season. Although this means that the rates at Pattaya hotels will be at the lowest, you will not be able to enjoy the beaches or water sports, which are the main attractions. If you plan to stay indoors and shop during the rains, staying in Bangkok might be a better option. Although Pattaya has a few good options in the form of malls and shopping arcades in some Pattaya hotels, you will run through them in a day or two.

If you are looking at visiting Pattaya during the peak season such as over Christmas and New Year, it is advisable to book months in advance to be on the safe side. The best Pattaya hotels get booked early during the high season. So it is not advisable to wait for a late deal in case you find yourself disappointed by not getting a room at the hotel of your choice or having to stay in one of the Pattaya hotels that are not close to the beach. Other times

Tips Booking Hotel with Affordable Price

1 – Take the time to compare all the offers before making their reservation

Do not rush on the first hotel that appears on our screen but take the time to look the best to our needs. Some residential hotels “pay” sites like Booking or to show up on the results: we therefore see these hotels first, but this does not mean that they are the best offers

The ideal is to make a comparison between all the accommodation offered by their comfort (number of stars) to their geographical location (close or not downtown), their prices and services offered (breakfast -Lunch, leisure).

2. Make a reservation at the right time

Must book a hotel night in advance or is it better to choose a hotel on site, without having booked in advance? I personally prefer anticipate: I always reserve a few days or weeks before I left on vacation. If you go during peak tourist season, do not take the risk of ending up homeless once there, turn in your hotel stay in advance. And even if you travel outside of the high season, it is still best to book in advance, it

Tricks Pick Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels will embody all of these features. Below are the some qualities to look for when choosing luxury hotels.

The standard of service

At a luxury hotel, every guest is treated with utmost care. The gatekeepers open the door for you; staffs greet you with a warm smile and everybody pay attention to your needs, even your luggage are carried to your room. You can get whatever you want. The manager tries to arrange everything from dinner reservations, to arranging local transport to make your vacation peaceful as well as pleasurable.


Another factor affects your holiday is food. With a good stay, people look for delicacies. Cheap Luxury Hotels do not have a single dining establishment but few more to choose from. They offer award winning cuisines and beverages. The hotels even boast special menu for children, poolside bars and patio seating. They even offer room service for the guests throughout the day.


A good hotel offers different amenities that guests will not free to leave their room. Some of the facilities include LED TV with dish connection, W-Fi connection, coffee makers, Jacuzzis, massage parlors, sauna room, gymnasium, pool,